Who Is Kelvin Cornell

Kelvin “KC” Cornell Ritman III born in Rome, Ga felt the calling of God upon his life at a very young age. While other children his age could be found playing in the neighborhood and riding their bikes Kelvin enjoyed playing church with his sister and older cousins. Little did anyone know that God was preparing him even at that age for a work that would separate him from the rest.

In 2002 the family would move from Georgia to New Jersey where he would have a first hand of the devil trying to block the blessing and calling that God has placed on his life. While visiting a family friend he suffered a seizure that shook the family to its core. While the doctor’s were unable to find the cause of these seizures his father knew that this was simply an attack of the enemy upon his life.

While everyone accepted the fact that he was going to be a true man of God it was in 2004 for the first time the full extent of the calling that God has placed on his life was revealed. Kelvin was giving the power of Prayer. He found that anything he asked God to do for someone would come true. He learned to be prayer warrior by watching his parents cry out to God.

In 2003 the calling to become a rapper would be placed upon his life. While trying to please the world God never removed the calling but allowed him to become the man that he had intended for him to become. While perusing a career as a world renowned rapper Kelvin felt that something was missing from his life. Unable to really express his self to anyone he again sought comfort from God.

After marrying his childhood sweetheart Joicherie and becoming a father. Kelvin finally acknowledged the one thing that was missing from his rap career, God. The family would return to Rome where the spirit of God would lead him to become a very active member of the church.

Spending time with the saints of the church and noticing that the youth listened to music that never acknowledged God. He felt that he would use the gifts that God had provided him with to bring about a different type of music for the youth to hear. He saw a need for a true Christian rapper in the church and set about changing the music by providing his first mixtape titled “Believer Music 101”.

Months after the release of “Believer Music 101” in 2014 Kelvin would lay the mic down and focus mainly on his other gifts of graphic and website design. Along side his wife Joicherie the 2 formed “Cornell Unlimited” a graphic and website design company. The company would line Kelvin up to meet and work for some the biggest names in Christian Music.

After moving from Rome to right outside of Chattanogga T.N. (Cleveland) in 2016 the desire to get back behind the mic closed in on him again and he couldn’t shake the desire, He shifted his focus back on to making music for the believers and started working on “Believer Music Vol. 2”.

“Believer Music Vol. 2” was released in August of 2017 and was hosted by the great DJ I Rock Jesus. The mixtape featured 2 songs that appeared on Rapzilla.com “Rise Up” and “Shadows” and featured the likes of Monolog, Rare of Breed, Saint Jones, New Money, Jae Taylor, Man on Fire, Phylicia McCastle and his wife Joicherie.

Kelvin Cornell is now currently working on some features and a host of singles to release in 2018 along side his producer J-Notez. So stay tuned as Kelvin Cornell proves “Anything is possible as long as you Believe.”

Kelvin Cornell Music Promo